Following the recent issues in Tallington with blocked drains that resulted in a number of properties being unable to use toilets, washing machines etc for a number of days. Anglian Water have apologised and advised that any further rainfall, even small volumes that are falling on already saturated ground, are causing significant challenges as groundwater levels are extremely high and inundating into the sewer network. This coupled with the fact that wider drainage systems are at capacity and several rivers have burst their banks is resulting in flooding affecting some communities in our region.  You may have noticed tankers and increased activity at the pumping station and an emergency pump on Bainton road/ Church Lane junction. There was also a severe blockage at the pumping station that took several days to mechanically clear. 
Anglian water have asked that we make all residents aware of their  Keep it Clear campaign to help avoid future blockages.
There is however still the long outstanding issue of a number of collapsed drains in the main road to sort out that the Parish Council having been chasing repairs to for some years now. Anglian water have been disputing who should pay for this with Lincolnshire County council. It is we are advised still an Anglian water responsibility until such time as repair work is carried out.